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I left Yesterday

I do not inhabit the past anymore


Just a trace

A habit


As night empties itself and

Disappoints the dawn



I left Yesterday

Like one breaks a heart

And whines for a space

Where nothing lasts



Just a resistance

An illusion

A fear


Have we already….?

Are we still…?


You console my forlorn delights

You give a face to my straying wanderings


In your embrace

I interrogate Time

As one drinks

From the lips of Blood


As deep as the Earth

When She surpasses us

And that She fiercely grows

Within our simmering touch of intimacy


I listen to your tenderness

Up straight

Melting differences


I taste behind my eyelids

Like a fever of sleep


My dreams expand in angst

Exquisite and mute


And I sink myself

Fugitive, strangled prisoner


I sink

Into the oblivion of conjugality


A handful of wishes


And I leave myself…


As I left Yesterday…


I am traversed

By minuscule immensities…


I slow my skin…

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