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Béa Aaronson was born in Paris, France, in 1956. She is a self-taught multimedia artist (painter, sculptor, welder, collagist, photographer), a published poet, author, and art critic, an international lecturer and independent scholar, as well as a stage performer and movie actress. She now lives and works in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

She holds a Honors degree in History of Art, with a thesis on Gustave Moreau A Mystical World, an MA in French Literature with a thesis on Charles Baudelaire entitled Baudelaire Le Sang: Homopoeisis et Blessure, an essay on the symbolism of Blood and the Wound in The Flowers of Evil, and a PhD in Philosophy and Comparative Literature with a dissertation on Marcel Proust, The Bark and The Sap: A Midrashic Reading of Marcel Proust’s A la recherche du temps perdu, focusing on the Jewish Kabalistic dimension of In Search of Lost time.

She has published many essays, poems, articles, drawings, paintings and photographs in various magazines, journals and encyclopedias, such as Found Object in New York, Deus Loci in Baltimore, Tessera in Canada, The Review of Francophone Literature in Amsterdam, The Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century  Jewish Writers in London, and Polyphony in Charleston. She published and illustrated her first book in 1998, Baudelaire-Miller Sexual Squalor in Paris, which is now the property of Harvard’s Private book collection.


Aaronson has exhibited her work in

  • the FIAC in Paris and Strasbourg;

  • Galerie de l’Europe, rue de Seine Paris

  • the Chateau de Sade for the French designer Pierre Cardin;

  • the International Art Fairs of Miami and Beirut;

  • the National Gallery of Art in Cape Town, South Africa;

  • The Gibbes Museum in Charleston, SC;

  • in Israel, Mexico, and the United States of America.


She was the official Piccolo Spoleto poster artist, in 1989, 2001, and 2005, and also created posters for The Alliance Française and the Jewish Cultural Center of Charleston, SC.


Her creative journey is an adventure of the senses, a synaesthesia of energies and media…beyond frames, beyond categories. Oils, acrylics, canvas, wood, paper, found objects, watercolor, charcoal, monotype, etchings, collage, photography, ceramic, bronze casting, clay, papier mâché sculptures… poems, essays, short novels, plays.

“Whatever I do, the image is the heartbeat of my identity. Multiple and “polypetal,” the image is dug within the core of being, harnessed within the energies of becoming. Images breathe life because the image is skin… and sap…at the same time…


To create is a walking memory…

Within and out of time…


If you are interested to discover her work, you may want to visit her Studio-Gallery


(+52 415) 152 02 36

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